Digitale Kommunikationssysteme


The following picture illustrates our area of research.

Research Area of  Institute

We are interested in the characterization of fundamental limits on information generation and processing for various applications in the following areas (but not limited to)

  • Interference Management
  • Wireless Sensing: Diagnosis and prediction
  • Robust Beamforming and applied optimization methods
  • UAV communications and signal processing
  • Provable Physical Layer Security
  • Machine Learning for Communication Systems
  • PHY Caching
  • Fog networks and low-latency communication


As part of our integral approach, we complement the theory with the design of methods that approach those limits. The circle comes to a close by experiments making use of devices like

  • Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP)
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino,

which are used for validation and for the development of realistic communication models.

The websites provide a finer look at the nature of our interests and contributions.

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